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eco friendly everyday products


Eco Friendly Everyday Products That Reduce Energy Waste


eco friendly everyday products

With an eco-friendly mindset, you’re not just saving the environment — you’re saving yourself money too. By switching to eco-friendly everyday products, you can see a reduced amount of money you’re paying towards your bills. In the past, we’ve written about common household items that are relatively easy to switch out for energy-efficient alternatives. This includes:

  • LED light bulbs
  • EnergyStar appliances
  • Smart power strips
  • Self-programming thermostats

But saving energy doesn’t stop there! There’s an ample amount of ways you can live more eco-friendly. Wattson Home Solutions wants you to save energy and money in every way you can, which is why we’ve put together this list of methods you may have overlooked.

Automatic Radiator Bleeder

Do you have radiators in your home? With the cold air on its way, it’s important to get the most heat for as little money as you can. Sure, you can layer on the clothing so you don’t have to use as much heat. But there’s an opportunity to save more energy while heating your energy — this is where the automatic radiator bleeder comes in handy. When you don’t regularly release the built-up air in your radiators, the radiator is using more energy to produce heat. With an automatic radiator bleeder, you don’t have to worry about releasing the built-up air. The air will bleed on its own and the radiator will be more efficient in producing more heat. You won’t have to worry about layering on the clothes!

Monitor Your Monitor

A computer monitor accounts for more than 50 percent of a computer’s energy consumption. One of the biggest contributing factors to unwanted consumption is the energy the monitor draws even while in ‘sleep’ mode. It’s convenient to be able to move the mouse, have the screen come on, and quickly access your email or social media. But on the other side of the coin, even while you’re not actively using it, you’re still paying for its energy usage. But, with a more efficient monitor, you can save energy while the computer is inactive. Energy Star has certified thousands of energy-efficient computer monitors, so there is plenty of opportunity to cut down on your usage. When you’re using it daily, your wallet will thank you if you find ways to reduce that consumption.

Standing By…With Standby Savers

It doesn’t matter if you’re in another room, sleeping, or simply not at home — your remote-controlled electronic appliances are always waiting to be powered on. With a standby saver, you can significantly reduce that waste of energy, as they use less than one watt of power. Plug the standby saver into the wall, and then plug the appliance into it. Then, the device goes into standby mode. For example: want to watch TV? The standby saver will detect the signal from the remote when you press the button to turn it on. Press the power button on the remote one more time and your TV is ready to be watched.

Sustainable Clothing and Accessories

While there are plenty of direct methods to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, there are also indirect ways. One of them is through sustainable clothing. Companies such as PatagoniaUnited by Blue, and Klean Kanteen are doing their part to help save the environment. Patagonia uses recycled polyester and takes an active role in reduce the pollution they create as a by-product. United by Blue removes one pound of trash from waterways for every product sold. Lastly, Klean Kanteen creates bottles, canteens, and other drinkware to reduce single-use waste of plastic products. By supporting these companies, you’re not only investing in quality products, but you’re helping promote eco-friendly actions.

Find More Ways With A Home Energy Assessment

Trying to find the areas of your home that are consuming the most energy is no easy task, especially if you’re new to energy saving devices. But have no fear — Wattson Home Solutions’ team of experts can detect exactly where you can start saving energy and money. There are also rebates and incentives to take advantage of as a Massachusetts homeowner. Schedule your no-cost Mass Save home energy assessment today and get no-cost light bulbs, power strips, and more.

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