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The Time for Solar is now!

The time for solar is now!

Going Solar in Rhode Island is Easy!

Whether you’re looking to reduce your impact on the environment at home or save on utility costs for your commercial building, Wattson Home Solutions makes your solar installation easy!

How do I go solar in Rhode Island?

Residential Solar Power

More and more Rhode Island homeowners are going solar! Adding solar panels to your home is an excellent way to reduce your energy usage and your impact on the environment. Solar panels also increase your home’s value—and could save you 70% or more on utility costs. State and federal incentives are available to help cover the cost, which makes this the best time to go solar.

Commercial Solar Power

Why should homeowners have all the energy-saving fun? Wattson Home Solutions can help you install solar panels on your commercial building. This is an affordable, smart way to manage your building’s energy use. Benefits of commercial solar panels include:

  • Better management of energy expenses
  • Lowered cost of operations
  • Meeting (or exceeding!) sustainability goals

Our Trusted Solar Solutions

Wattson Home Solutions has installed hundreds of solar panels for residential and commercial buildings alike. As one of the Top 100 American Residential Solar Installers in 2019, we are proud to install only the highest quality solar technologies available and to offer our customers high-quality support. To ensure great solar solutions for our customers, we partner with some of the top brand names in the industry.

How do we do it? Wattson Home Solutions has a unique three-step solar process which allows our customers to easily make the switch and to choose the best options available for their unique solar applications.

Why go solar?

As one of the Top 100 American Residential Solar Installers in 2019, Wattson Home Solutions has installed hundreds of residential and commercial solar solutions.  Our team installs only the best-performing solar technologies in the industry, and we’re dedicated to providing our customers with world-class service and support.  That’s why we partner with some of the top brand names in the industry, including:

Wattson’s unique three-step process enables our customers to go solar easily, and to feel empowered to choose the best options for their unique solar applications.

Is my home right for solar?

1. Assess

The first step in the solar process is to receive your solar assessment. Wattson Home Solutions will take the time to assess your home and building to ensure it is a good fit for solar based on its size, solar orientation, and baseline energy consumption.

During the assessment, our team will be able to address your questions and concerns about going solar. Typical concerns include:

  • Panel style. We use newer panels that offer a sleeker look, so you don’t have to worry about them ruining your home’s style.
  • Cost. How much will installation cost? Will you buy outright or finance? Our team will help you to determine the right option for you and can help you find State and Federal incentives to offset the cost.
  • Savings Estimate. How much will going solar save you?

After learning about your unique solar needs, our design team will take over. They will create a customized solar solution for your building. The assessment and design process are obligation-free!

2. Install

Once the assessment and design are complete, it’s time to implement your custom solution. We want this process to be simple for you, so we’ll take care of the hard stuff: filing for building permits and connecting your solar energy system to local utilities.

Then it’s time to install! A typical installation can take 1 to 3 days, depending on the size of the roof. Once your panels have passed a municipal inspection and been approved, you can officially go solar!

3. Save

This is our favorite step! Your newly environmentally-friendly solar-powered building will start saving energy right away—and saving energy means saving money too. Other financial benefits of going solar include:

  • Rhode Island tax exemptions. The state of Rhode Island will ensure that your property taxes will not increase—even as the value of your home increases when you add solar panels! You will also be exempt from paying sales tax on your solar system.
  • Net metering. Your solar panels will generate more energy during peak sun seasons such as late spring, summer and early fall. Most utilities in Rhode Island offer net metering which will credit you for the electricity produced that’s not consumed entirely at the end of the month. Then, during times when your system isn’t generating enough energy to cover your bill, you’ll automatically pull from your bank of stored energy credits!

How can I pay for solar panels?

The upfront cost of solar panels may make many homeowners think twice about the investment, but don’t let it stop you! There are plenty of incentives available to help Massachusetts homeowners pay for solar panels, including a federal solar tax credit which allows you to claim 26% of the cost of your panels from your federal taxes.

At Wattson Home Solutions, we want to make it easy and affordable to install solar panels, so we make the process simple. We’ll help you find financing options that you qualify for—and we’ll even fill out the paperwork.

You should also keep in mind that your solar panels are an investment. As soon as they are installed and working, they will begin producing energy for you. You’ll start saving money on energy costs right away, which means that within a few years, they’ll pay for themselves! Which leads us to…

Will solar panels save me money?

The short answer: yes!

Every home is different, which is why Wattson Home Solutions provides all of our customers with a Solar Savings Estimate before they invest in solar panels. The estimate will take into account your home’s fitness for solar panels as well as your energy usage. The complete picture will allow us to show you how much you could save on energy costs.

Once you install your panels, you’ll start to see an immediate reduction in your monthly utility bills. Some homeowners see a reduction of hundreds of dollars a month! And if your panels produce more energy than you use, your utility company may offer net metering credits, which could help you offset a future utility bill.

Not only will solar panels help you save on energy costs, but they will also increase the value of your home. Solar is a big investment, but it will start paying off right away.

What about battery storage?

While you can feed your excess energy back into the grid and receive credits from your utility company, some homeowners would prefer to store that energy for later use. In that case, it is possible to install a home battery as part of your overall solar system. These will store your excess energy so that you can draw on it later or use it as your home’s backup power solution!

This is where it pays to partner with a solar energy professional who will work to understand what you want and need from your solar solution. The Wattson Home Solutions design team will work with you to determine what kind of solar system you’ll need and to choose the right technology for you—so if you want to store your energy, we can help.

What kind of solar panels do I need?

Let’s face it: solar panels are extremely useful, but they haven’t always been pretty. One of the most common objections to going solar that we hear from our customers is that solar technology can look clunky!

We care about the aesthetics of your home and your panels, which is why we don’t work with old, outdated technology. Wattson Home Solutions has a wide selection of all black modules, designed to look sleek and stylish, that fit in with your home’s exterior without looking like an eyesore!

Want to learn more about a typical solar panel installation experience with Wattson Home Solutions? Download our free case study to learn how we helped a Massachusetts homeowner find a solar solution that fit his home and helped him save money on energy costs.

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