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How Mass Save Audits Keep Utility Bill Problems at Bay


You’ve seen these problems before a dozen times. In the summer, they arrive on your doorstep dressed as insanely high air conditioning bills. During the winter, they give you a scare with high heating costs. How do you keep utility bill problems at bay? By getting a Mass Save energy audit. Our technicians are experts at hunting down energy-wasting problems that are causing your utility bills to skyrocket. Learn how a Mass Save audit will help you sleep at night.

They huff and puff…

But don’t worry, we won’t let them blow your house down. If you’re spending a small fortune to heat or cool your home, you may accidentally be leaving the door wide open for energy problems to sneak right in. According to our team of energy experts, air leaks are the most common culprit of high energy bills in Massachusetts. Outside air can be filtering in through walls with insufficient insulation or doors and windows that have not been sealed properly. During a Mass Save audit, a blower door test and infrared tests are performed to see where your home is losing conditioned air.

Don’t be afraid of the dark.

It’s common practice to leave the lights on to protect yourself from problems. And though they are little lights, they are fierce – on your electricity bill. Believe it or not, light bulbs pack a hefty punch on your monthly utility bill. But there’s no need to abandon your nightlight completely. During your energy audit, a technician will gift you energy-efficient light bulbs that you can scatter around your house to keep the problems at bay. A CFL light bulb uses only a fourth of the electricity an incandescent light bulb uses and will save you $30 over the course of its lifespan (10,000 hours).

Start singing in the shower.

We bet you’ve been spooked a time or two when looking at your hot water bill. You may love long, hot showers, but so do utility problems. As energy experts go around your home, they will give you tips on how you can cut water costs while still being comfortable. You don’t have to put an end to your hot showers, but you could make a few changes. Your energy expert may show you that your hot water heater needs a blanket to hold in heat, or they may help you install a low-flow showerhead.

Don’t hide under a blanket.

Your HVAC system just can’t get it right during the summer. During the night, some of your family members’ feet turn into ice pops, while others are so warm, they debate whether or not to let their feet poke out of their blankets. No matter what you do, you can’t keep a comfortable temperature in your home. Is it time to replace your HVAC system? Or is it time to bundle your home in an extra layer of insulation?

How can a Mass Save audit fight off utility problems?

Your home is a fortress that you need to protect from the utility problems. A Mass Save audit may qualify you for rebates that will arm you with the tools you need to take back your home. And when we say “rebate,” we don’t mean a $5 coupon that you get in the mail after 6 months of waiting. You can do some major home renovations with the help of the Mass Save program. Check out some of our favorite Mass Save rebates.

Think you have problems in your utility closet? Find out by scheduling your Mass Save home energy audit today.