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Save Energy and Money with a No Cost Virtual Home Energy Assessment!

Save Energy and Money with a No Cost Virtual Home Energy Assessment!

As a homeowner in Worcester, Middlesex, or Norfolk counties, you are eligible for energy and money-saving benefits through the Mass Save Program.

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What's Included in your No-Cost Energy Assessment?

Infrared Testing (if applicable)

Thermal imaging cameras are a great asset to discover where your home is losing energy, especially in tricky areas.

Heat Equipment Testing

Tests for your equipment’s efficiency and safety. Ambient carbon monoxide in your home poses significant health and safety concerns.

Screening for Eligible Energy Rebates

We partner with all local energy providers to ensure you receive all the energy-saving rebates you qualify for.

Customized Home Energy Report

After your assessment, we’ll discuss our findings and share your most direct path to savings.

Blower Door Testing

Pinpoints critical drafts and air leaks within your home. *Not included in initial audit. Ask for details.

Instant Energy-Saving Equipment (if Applicable)

Hot Water Saving Measures

Includes the installation of low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators and hot water pipe insulation.

$22 value

Professional Air Sealing

Addresses the key areas of energy loss identified during your home’s Blower Door Test. *Not included in the initial audit. Done on the day of air sealing or weatherization work.

$1,300 value

Programmable Thermostat

Control the climate of your home more efficiently with a brand new programmable thermostat.

$75 value

Smart Power Strip

Minimize the impact of energy-wasting devices by plugging them into this energy-conscious power strip.

$60 value


The Mass Save Program is an energy-efficiency and electric/gas utility company-funded initiative that is available to Massachusetts homeowners. Through the program, you are eligible to receive no-cost home energy assessments, rebates and incentives. We list more features of the Mass Save Program here.
Yes! Thanks to the Mass Save, an energy efficiency and Massachusetts utility company sponsored program, you are eligible for a no-cost home energy assessment once every two years. There is no catch and no obligation to buy anything once you receive an assessment.
An assessment takes as little one hour and up to 2.5 hours. We can schedule an appointment time that will work for you.

During your assessment we will:

  • Perform air sealing and insulation specification (if applicable)
    Conduct infrared testing (if applicable)
  • Test for combustion safety
  • Install energy-saving equipment, including LED bulbs, programmable thermostats, and water saving devices (as needed)
  • Discuss our recommendations for additional energy-saving improvements
  • Review and screen for rebates and incentives available you may qualify for, including your eligibility for an ENERGY STAR refrigerator rebate.

Mass Save offers weatherization rebates of 75%, up to $2000 towards the cost of the installation.

Please note: All key decision makers should be present during your assessment.