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10 Simple Things You Can Do to Cut Energy Costs This Summer


You might think that running an energy-efficient home is an impossible challenge. That does not have to be the case when you follow these suggestions.

    1. Ensure that your air conditioning system is properly maintained. Simple actions such as cleaning or replacing your air filters frequently can help your system operate more efficiently. If you’ve already made the jump to ductless AC – then you can save time, energy, and money with ductless mini-split maintenance from Wattson Home Solutions!
    2. Replace any older, inefficient light bulbs in your home with new ones that use modern, energy-efficient technology. Examples include compact fluorescent and LED bulbs. A relatively small purchase at a home improvement store may lead to significantly lower electric bills.
    3. Adjust your thermostat to a slightly higher temperature. Using a temperature setting of 78°F degrees as opposed to a lower value such as 72°F is a great way to conserve energy.
    4. Stay on top of the weather forecast using the news media. Many summer days in Massachusetts are very warm and humid, with high temperatures well above 80 degrees. However, occasional cold fronts offer breaks with lower temperatures and humidity, and provide opportunities to open the windows and save money.
    5. Adjust the curtains and blinds in your home to block the sunlight during the day. At night, open them up. This represents a free opportunity to conserve energy.
    6. Major appliances are an important area to examine in your efforts to maintain an energy-efficient home. By using your dryer and dishwasher at night, you can reduce the amount of heat added to your home.
    7. Choose settings for your laundry machines that save energy. Using hot water for washing instead of warm or cold uses a significant amount of extra electricity.
    8. Use power strips to keep electronic devices that you’re not using from consuming any electricity. You only need to provide power to your computer, printer, cell phone charger, and other devices when you want to use them.
    9. Choose cooking methods that use less energy than your home’s stove, such as your microwave oven. Also, consider barbecuing outdoors on occasion.
    10.  Take advantage of the resources offered by your electric company. Massachusetts electric companies provide detailed information about your usage in your billing statements, helping you achieve your goal of living in an energy-efficient home.

Additionally, promotions are occasionally offered, such as cash incentives for upgrading older appliances to new, energy-efficient models.