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Why choose Wattson Home Solutions?

Why choose Wattson?

Wattson Home Solutions is your local green expert when it comes to improving a home’s energy efficiency and comfort

We help homeowners by offering leading-edge home performance solutions that save energy, lower utility bills and lead to a more comfortable home.

Every energy efficient home performance project begins by having an Wattson Home Solutions Specialist visit your home to perform your home’s energy assessment. Wattson’s Energy Specialists have years of industry knowledge and are Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified.

Following your home’s energy assessment, we’ll share with you our findings, discuss our recommendations and communicate what to expect on the installation day(s) of your home’s energy saving project.

In addition to ensuring savings on your home’s energy efficiency project, there are many rebate programs and tax incentives that are available to homeowners within Massachusetts. Wattson Home Solutions works closely with Utility Companies and the Department of Energy to ensure that homeowners are able to take full advantage of any available energy saving incentives.

An energy efficiency upgrade for your home is one of the few home projects that will actually pay you back over time. With the rebates and incentives that Wattson Home Solutions offers, there’s no better time than the present! Our approach is simple; we take a “whole home” approach. Each home has its own unique characteristics, especially here within the northeast. The appropriate type and amount of insulation, ventilation, air sealing and efficient lighting = less energy loss and can help make your home a more comfortable one all year round.

With years of residential energy efficiency expertise and local partnerships, Wattson Home Solutions will ensure you a successful home efficiency project that will save you energy and money for years to come!

If you’re a homeowner in Worcester County, contact us today to schedule a no-cost Mass Save Energy Audit.


See what everyone has to say!

Ramon Aguiar

My interactions with Wattson Home Solutions have been excellent. They helped me clearly understand what a Home Energy Assessment entails in addition to the benefits. I had my attic air sealed and insulated. I instantly noticed a difference as my home wasn’t as hot as the day before and it was still 95 degrees outside. I was able to turn down my a/c which will save me on my electric bill. I can’t wait to save on my oil bills this winter! They were also able to get me an instant rebate of 75% off on my project…who even knew they could do that!

Bob Lebrun

Having worked with a different home efficiency company on another property in the past; the overall level of quality, performance and professionalism was second to none at Wattson Home Solutions. I was also pleased to hear the quality inspector from Mass Save compliment them during the final inspection. I will certainly recommend Wattson Home Solutions to my friends and family.

Joffrey Smith

Becoming more energy efficient in today’s world is becoming increasingly important on numerous levels. I was very impressed with the unprecedented breadth of home efficiency knowledge and workmanship that the team at the Wattson Home Solutions brought to my project.

Paul Materazzo

As the Director of Planning in Andover, MA, I’m involved in numerous green initiatives. There is no better time than the present to perform a home energy efficiency project. There are many rebates available and it’s a project that actually pays you back over time. The folks at Wattson Home Solutions performed my Free Home Energy Assessment, communicated openly and did an excellent job on the installation. I’m a fan!

Michael Checkman

The crew from Wattson Home Solutions was very friendly and professional. They arrived on time & completed the installation ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend Wattson Home Solutions to anyone interested in a home efficiency project.

Peter & Karen McDermott

This is an excellent service and our auditor Julie is terrific. She is highly knowledgeable, very professional, delightful and obviously an expert in this field . Thank you Wattson Home Solutions!

Thomas and Linda Yacuzzi

Julie was outstanding! She was knowledgeable, informative and pleasant. We highly recommend your company and Julie. We first learned about EM at the Worcester Home Show where we were impressed with Christie and the other lovely employees. We have already recommended EM to our son and other homeowner friends! Thank you!

Jayne Eringi

Julie is a very professional, knowledgeable, pleasant person. She answered all our questions, and explained the reasons why. We will definitely recommend this to our friends. We are extremely happy with the service Julie provided.

Mike Zuchowski

Everything went smoothly and on time. I had a schedule…no complaints!