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What’s The Difference Between Window and Wall Air Conditioners?


Window air conditioners and wall air conditioners are two of the most popular types of air conditioners on the market. They both have unique benefits and drawbacks that you should be aware of before purchasing.

Keep reading to learn the difference between a window and wall air conditioner so that you can decide which one is right for you!

Are Wall and Window Air Conditioners the Same?

Wall and window air conditioners serve the same basic purpose: to keep your home cool during the year’s hottest months. However, there are some significant differences between these two types of units.

A wall-mounted air conditioner is installed directly into an exterior wall, while a window unit is attached to the window frame of an exterior wall. Wall units are generally more expensive than window units but are also more durable and effective at cooling a large space. Window air conditioners are less expensive and simple to install, but they can be less effective at cooling a room and may be more vulnerable to theft.

When choosing a window or wall air conditioner for your home, it is important to consider your budget, the size of the space you need to cool, and the level of security you need.

Can I Use a Window Air Conditioner for Wall Installations?

Most window AC units can be installed on or through a wall, but remember that wall air conditioners cannot be installed in windows. Some models come with a kit that includes brackets and instructions for installation. Others may require the purchase of a separate wall-mounting kit.

The hardest part of installing a window air conditioner in a wall is finding the right spot to cut the hole. You’ll need to make sure that the hole is big enough to accommodate the window AC but not so large that it compromises the structural integrity of the wall.

Once you’ve cut the hole, simply follow the instructions that come with your unit to complete the installation. You want to ensure you have your AC unit mounted and installed correctly. With a little effort, you can enjoy the cool breezes of your air conditioner without sacrificing the look of your home.

Which is Better, Window AC or Wall AC?

Although central air conditioning is the most popular choice, but it can be expensive to install and maintain. For small spaces or those on a tight budget, window and wall air conditioners are a more affordable option. But which is better?

  • Window air conditioners are the most common type of AC unit after central air. They’re relatively affordable and easy to install and can cool a small space relatively effectively. However, window units can be pretty loud and take up a lot of space in your window. 
  • Wall units typically are less common, but they have a few advantages over window AC units. They’re much quieter. They don’t take up any window space – meaning you can still enjoy the natural light and fresh air coming into your home. Wall AC units tend to be more energy-efficient than window units.

If you’re looking for a quiet, efficient option to cool your home, a wall unit is probably the best.

Can You Use Wall Air Conditioners Without a Window?

Wall air conditioners are a great way to cool your home without wasting valuable window space. Some people worry that they won’t be able to use a wall air conditioner without a window to vent warm air coming from the unit. While it’s true that most wall air conditioners need to be vented to work correctly, there are several models on the market that don’t require ventilation.

These ” ductless” air conditioners work by circulating refrigerant through a closed loop. As long as the air conditioner is installed correctly and sealed, it can operate without venting. So if you’re looking for an air conditioner that doesn’t require a window, check out the ductless models on the market. They may just be the perfect solution for your cooling needs.

Are Window and Wall Air Conditioners Energy Efficient?

One of the most undervalued questions about air conditioners is whether or not they are energy efficient. The answer to this question depends on some factors, including the type of air conditioner, the size of the unit, and the climate. Window and wall air conditioners are generally less energy efficient than central air conditioners. This is because they cool only the rooms they are located in, rather than the entire house.

Window air conditioners tend to be less energy efficient because air can escape through the window. In contrast, wall air conditioners save energy because they are secured to the wall.

Wall and window ACs can still be energy efficient when appropriately used. For example, if you live in a climate with mild summers, you may not need to run your air conditioner as often as someone who lives in a hot environment.

Need Help Deciding on an Air Conditioner?

As the summer heat intensifies, the thought of a cool, comfortable home becomes more and more appealing. Unfortunately, not all homes are equipped with air conditioning, and even those that are may not have powerful enough units to keep the entire house cool. If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning unit, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Consider the size of your home or the space you need to cool. A larger area will require a more powerful unit, so choosing one that’s appropriately sized is important.
  2. Think about your budget. Air conditioners can range widely in price, so it’s essential to find one that fits your needs without breaking the bank.
  3. Keep energy efficiency in mind. Some units use more electricity than others, so choosing an energy-efficient model can help you save money over time.

Once you’ve considered all these factors, contact Wattson Home Solutions for help choosing the best air conditioning unit for your home. Our team will work with you to find a unit perfect for your needs and budget, ensuring that your home stays cool and comfortable all summer long.