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save energy in the summer


Discover 6 Ways to Save Energy in the Summer


save energy in the summer

Summers are for enjoying family fun, not sweating how much your energy bill is going to be this month. Are you wondering how you can save energy in the summer? These tips not only will reduce the amount of energy your home uses but also take little energy to execute. Learn more about how you can have your most energy-efficient summer yet!

Number one fan.

Are air conditioners a staple in your home? While they do help you stay cool, they’re also a major drain on your wallet in the summer heat. Instead of depending solely on your AC, supplement its cooling powers with a fan. Ceiling fans are a great addition to any home. They help circulate warm air in the winter and prevent your AC from working too hard in the summer. You’ll stay cool as a cucumber, even though your AC is set 4 degrees higher than normal. That may not sound like a lot but after a few months of scorching summer days, your bank account will thank you. Remember that ceiling fans don’t cool rooms, they cool people with the breeze they create. So don’t forget to flip the switch when you leave the room.

Throw some shade.

Window treatments aren’t just for decoration or adding an extra layer of privacy. They can actually be the secret to keeping cool while you’re lounging around on a beautiful day. While dark colored curtains make a powerful statement, go with white shades because they reflect heat away from your home. Don’t stop at redecorating. Make sure that your blinds are closed during the hottest part of the day to prevent super warm sun rays from heating up your home. Not much of a curtain person? Stop by your local hardware store to pick up window film. They reflect heat without losing the view.

Inspect the un-inspected.

There’s no better way to save energy in the summer than getting a home energy assessment. Energy experts not only help you locate the problem areas (read: money-wasters) of your home, but they also help you fix them. No-cost professional air sealing will prevent cool air from leaking out of your home and humid, summer heat from sneaking in. You’ll not only breathe easier (allergens have a harder time sneaking in), but your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard.

Ice, ice baby.

Do you need a reason to eat more ice cream? Fun fact: Your refrigerator and freezer run more efficiently when they’re full. Having an assortment of goodies not only prevents your fridge from working harder to cool down empty space, but prevents cold air from escaping as quickly when you can’t make up your mind about what you want for dinner. So the next time you’re at the grocery store and you can’t decide between Cherry Garcia or Chunky Monkey, don’t be afraid to treat yourself.

Start multi-tasking.

You’re already a seasoned pro when it comes to multitasking at the office – why not at home? The next time you’re doing chores around the house, do a load of dishes and laundry at the same time. Your water heater needs to warm up for both activities, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Save even more by running your dishwasher at night, when electricity is the cheapest.

Enjoy sunshine all year round.

Sunny days don’t just happen at the beach. Enjoy a little bit of sunshine all year long with solar panels. Families in Massachusetts who go solar save thousands of dollars on their energy bills, leaving their homes more energy-efficient and have more cash in their wallets. Imagine the epic summer vacations your family can go on with all of your solar savings. Learn how much you can save by scheduling a free solar consultation.

solar consultation

Summers don’t last long in New England, so what are you waiting for? Save energy this summer (and beyond!) by getting a no-cost Mass Save Energy Assessment. Schedule your no-obligation appointment now. Slots fill up faster than you think.