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Don’t Let Your Swimming Pool Drown Your Wallet. 4 Tips to Save Money & Energy!



Summer is finally here and your family wants to enjoy the pool as much as possible, but you don’t want to drown your wallet in the process. With a combination of energy-saving pool products, such as having the most efficient pool pump, and regular maintenance, your family can not only improve the energy-efficiency of your pool but save money, and maximize your enjoyment. Here are some things you can do to energize your pool.

Invest in a Solar Pool Cover

Evaporation makes up about 70% of all energy loss when it comes to your pool. Since the sun is the main source of heat for your pool, it makes sense to leverage this natural resource. More water evaporation means more money spent on water to replace the loss, and chemicals to balance the chemistry. Solar pool covers are a great way to harness the power of the sun to heat your pool and keep the water where it belongs; in your pool. They also amplify the heat retention from the sun and keep your pool at a pleasant temperature.

Or better yet, Invest in Solar Rings

Pool covers are large and require a fair amount of attention. They need to be put on and taken off when you’re using them or not using them. An alternative to a solar pool cover would be solar rings. Solar rings are about 5 feet in diameter and they float on the surface of the pool like a cover. While more convenient than solar covers, they are more expensive: each ring costs about $40 dollars and you’ll probably need a minimum of ten.

Upgrade Your Pool Pump

If you’re not already using one, you should consider using a smaller, more efficient pump for your pool. According to a study by the Center for Energy Conversation at FLU of 120 pools, owners saved as much as $200 off their pumping bill when they replaced their pump with a smaller one, and managed how long it was operated. So consider replacing your pool pump with a better one, or at least manage the amount of time your family uses the pump to save money.

Invest in a Pool Heater

Solar-powered pool heaters last longer than gas and heat pumps, and work extremely well for managing the temperature of your pool. They provide the lowest annual operations cost because the energy is provided from the sun. Solar heaters are also low maintenance, cleaner, safer, and the quietest when compared to their competitors.

Saving money on your energy costs doesn’t end with just your pool. There are a myriad of ways that your family can cut its energy costs by as much as 50%. To learn more ways to save on your home energy bills, contact Wattson Home Solutions for a free energy assessment today.