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Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance



After a long day at work, nothing beats coming home to comfort. Whether you’re trying to warm up or stay cool, your air conditioning system makes all the difference. If you’ve already made the jump to ductless AC service, then you know all the benefits that come with having a ductless mini-split system instead of a traditional air conditioner unit, but do you know how to maintain these benefits? You can save time, energy, and money with ductless mini-split maintenance from Wattson Home Solutions!

Give us a call today at (855) 627-7674 if your ductless mini-split system is giving you issues!

What does maintenance do for me?

Proper maintenance will ensure that you stay comfortable for years to come, no matter what type of air conditioning system you have. In regards to ductless mini-split systems specifically, general upkeep and maintenance can keep your system running smoothly and efficiently for 12-15 years. There are a number of factors to consider that may impact your system’s longevity, though.

Ductless mini-split systems are different from traditional units in the sense that they’re capable of pumping both cool and hot air where you need it most. This means that ductless mini-split maintenance should be performed in both the spring and fall seasons (to prepare for your system’s peak usage). Failure to upkeep your ductless mini-split system may result in a 10-15% loss in performance, which may cause you to need a replacement far before your system’s estimated expiration. Don’t worry, we can help!

Is there anything I can do?

Where there’s a will there’s a way, and ductless mini-split maintenance is no different. Your number one priority should be cleaning or replacing your air filters as needed. This is something you’ll want to regularly check into if you have pets or persons in your home that suffer from chronic allergies. This is especially important if saving money is your goal. Dirty filters block heat exchange, which can directly increase your monthly energy bill.

Don’t forget to periodically check the outside cabinet for build-ups of leaves, ice and snow. You should aim to maintain 5 feet of clearance around the outside cabinet so that airflow is not obstructed.

What we have to offer

Give us a call if long-term performance is your goal. Our team of trained HVAC professionals will thoroughly inspect your ductless mini-split system and ensure proper upkeep. We will verify that the internal parts of your ductless mini-split system are functional, and we’ll also check for high-quality air flow. Above all else, this will increase comfort and energy efficiency in your home. 

Some of the basic services we offer for ductless mini-split maintenance include:

  • Blower wheel removed, inspected, and cleaned
  • Indoor unit coil inspected and cleaned
  • Drain pan inspected and cleaned
  • Air filters inspected and cleaned
  • All internal parts inspected and cleaned
  • Outside coil inspected and cleaned

Give Wattson Home Solutions a call at (855) 627-7674 if it’s time to service your ductless mini-split system. We’re ready to give your system the boost it needs to provide you with comfort for years to come!