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why energy bills are so high in western MA


Why Energy Bills Are So High in Western MA


why energy bills are so high in western MA

If you’ve lived in New England, even for a short time, you know the weather here is unpredictable. For example: in winter you may find yourself hunkering down for a snowstorm or outside enjoying 70-degree weather, resulting in fluctuations in your energy bills. When these expenses get out of hand, it’s oftentimes best to address the source of the problem. Keep reading to learn why energy bills are so high in Western MA, and what you can do to prevent unpredictable energy costs.

Why Energy Bills Are so High in Western MA

It’s important to acknowledge that homes in Western MA aren’t the same as homes in other parts of the country. Many people in Western MA live in old historic homes. Naturally, these houses weren’t built to the same standards as newer homes, and therefore they are not as energy efficient. Some of the most common reasons that energy bills skyrocket include:

  • Improper insulation. Many people know that their insulation is lacking, but may not realize that it really has a big impact on their energy bills. Insulation is a big deal; it is vital for keeping your home comfortable without wasting energy. When your home is properly insulated, heat can’t escape through your walls and ceilings, and you’ll spend less energy keeping your home warm through the winter. Walls that are missing insulation or insulation that isn’t thick enough will easily let heat pass through. An easy way to tell if your insulation is lacking is to put your hand on the wall. If it’s cold, you’re losing heat through that wall and wasting energy in the process.
  • Air leaks. When warm air is allowed to leak out through small cracks and holes in your walls, you might as well be leaving the front door open. You’re spending all that money to heat your home, and air leaks are letting all that heat outside. Proper insulation can help to seal these air leaks, but some of them may require additional steps, such as caulking around doors and windows.

How to Locate Energy Problems

Making your home more energy efficient shouldn’t be a guessing game. If you suspect that your problem may be from air leaks or improper insulation, take steps to confirm your suspicions. Many Western MA homeowners have already had thermal images taken of their homes, but did you know that this is a part of a larger process? The best way to learn about your home’s energy needs is to get a Mass Save home energy assessment, in which an energy auditor will come to your home and perform several tests, including thermal imaging and a blower door test.

They will help you to determine areas in your home that are inefficient and will help you come up with a plan to fix these problems. Your auditor will help you to apply for residential rebates and incentives that can help cover the cost of making your home more efficient. The assessment even includes energy-efficient giveaways like LED light bulbs and a programmable thermostat. When you make these upgrades, your home will waste less energy, and you’ll see the results on your monthly energy bill.

The first step is to schedule your home energy assessment with a trusted Mass Save contractor like Wattson Home Solutions. Our certified energy specialists will locate insulation problems in your home, update your insulation and seal air leaks, and make your home more energy efficient as a result. Why wait for another high energy bill— schedule your energy assessment to start saving energy and money today.

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