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Why choose Wattson Home Solutions?

Why choose Wattson?

Wattson Home Solutions is your local green expert when it comes to improving a home or business’ energy efficiency and comfort

Wattson Home Solutions focuses on helping homeowners, property managers and general contractors within the Tampa Bay area deliver on their energy saving projects.  Whether you’re a homeowner looking to save on your utility bills or a large scale construction management firm; Wattson Home Solutions is ready to help make your project a success.

We help homeowners by offering leading-edge home performance solutions that save energy, lower utility bills and lead to a more comfortable home.

Every energy-efficient home performance project begins by having a Wattson Specialist visit your home to perform your home’s energy assessment. Wattson’s Energy Specialists have years of industry knowledge.

Following your home’s energy assessment, we’ll share with you our findings, discuss our recommendations and communicate what to expect on the installation day(s) of your home’s energy saving project.

An energy efficiency upgrade for your home is one of the few home projects that will actually pay you back over time. With the financing and expertise that Wattson Home Solutions offers, there’s no better time than the present! Our approach is simple; we take a “whole home” approach. Each home has its own unique characteristics, especially in the southeast. The appropriate type and amount of insulation, ventilation, and air sealing = less energy loss and can help make your home a more comfortable one all year round.

With years of residential energy efficiency expertise and local partnerships, Wattson Home Solutions will ensure you a successful home efficiency project that will save you energy and money for years to come!


See what everyone has to say!

Bob L.

Wattson Home Solutions was courteous, professional and they helped me save on my home’s energy bills. I highly recommend! My air conditioning and heating bills have lowered considerably after properly sealing my ducts and insulating my attic. Thank you Wattson Home Solutions!

Paul S.

Called company, and they came out the same day to look at the project and emailed us with a quote. Very fast response to emails and did a great job. Would highly recommend.

David H.

The installers were great, polite and professional. They worked very hard and got the job done. I would recommend them highly.

Bob F.

Came out to appraise, gave good quote and time frame for job to be completely done. Workers on time, did the job and cleaned up.

Robert T.

They are considerate, and practical in the advice given when they did my consultation.”

Neil G.

Go ahead and price out your attic insulation project at the big box stores, and then contact Wattson Home Solutions and watch their price come in lower. They can buy in bulk and get reduced prices, which means your price quote will be lower than doing it yourself. Also, their high volume machine blows the insulation in faster than a hurricane! I hired them to insulate over the garage, and total time was approximately 25 minutes. Courteous professional installers. Wonderful customer service in their office. And I never had to break a sweat! Wattson Home Solutions is top-notch!

Linda W.

They were a great company to work with and I would hire them again.

Robert F.

We had just remodeled our master bath and needed new insulation. We decided to upgrade the entire house. The first two estimates were identical, without either contractor coming to the house to inspect what needed to be done. Wattson Home Solutions came out to the house, took measurements, and gave us a quote almost $400.00 LESS than the previous two contractors. The crew arrived on the scheduled day on time. Their workmanship was outstanding. You would never know they were here as they left the property spotless.

The Jackson’s

“I cannot not give this company enough praise. Everyone I had contact with was very helpful and always pleasant. From the very beginning phone call until the finish everyone was so helpful. There was never a time when my phone calls went unanswered and when they said they would be there they were there and on time. Also called ahead to let us know they were on the way and how long before there arrival. A special note about Sasha the office manager what a dedicated employee and she was always so eager to help. Great Company and highly recommended. ” Sarasota