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Cooler in the Summer...

and Warmer in the Winter!

Cooler in the Summer...

and Warmer in the Winter!

When you can’t seem to regulate the temperature in your home correctly, your home’s insulation may be to blame.

The importance of proper insulation cannot be understated. When it comes to managing your home’s comfort and overall energy consumption, insulation can be the make-or-break difference between living in comfort or a constant sweat. This isn’t just for old homes; even if your home is new, you might still have an incorrectly insulated home for the area!

The size of your project will dictate how long it will take. Most projects can be completed in just one day!

Spray foam, Blown-in, Batt, and Reflective Insulation
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Determining the Right Insulation

Not all insulation material is made the same. Each home that we service is unique, so we carefully determine the proper insulation material needed in order to provide the most effective insulation solution possible. Essentially, good insulation should stop the transfer of heat that passes through it, and we can measure how well each of these specific materials do at just that.

Choosing the correct insulating material is dependent upon where in the home that the insulation itself is needed, and this can be variable based on a number of factors. We’ll take into account the age of your home, as well as the square footage of insulation that needs to be installed and the overall insulating power needed to make your home properly insulated.

Our team of highly-trained professionals are knowledgeable in all facets of insulation as well as the appropriate materials for each particular application.

Our expertise includes the following key areas:

  • Thermal Performance
  • Air Sealing/ Infiltration
  • Moisture Control and Ventilation
  • Local Building and Energy Codes
  • Soundproofing and Noise Control
  • Fire Blocking/ Retardants
  • Energy Star
  • Building Performance Institute (BPI)

At Wattson Home Solutions, we provide a number of insulating materials to accommodate a variety of residential projects and buildings. These include the following:

Insulation types: 

  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Rigid Board Foam Insulation
  • Thermax Insulation
  • Fiberglass Insulation (Batted & Blown)
  • Mineral-Fiber Insulation
  • Urethane Foams

Wattson Home Solutions is here to help you find and install the correct insulation system for your specific home. Remember, proper insulation can save you up to 10% on your monthly energy bill, all the while improving your comfort therein!

Spray Foam Insulation: Open and Closed Cell

spray foam prevents mold Wattson fl

Spray foam insulation is one of our most popular choices for insulating materials. Essentially, an expanding foam agent is used to fill any of the spatial cavities present in your building’s structure, which includes walls, floors, crawlspaces, ceilings, and more. One of the main benefits of spray foam insulation is that it doubles as both an insulating material and an air sealant. 

Rigid Foam Board Insulation

If durability is the name of the game, then rigid board foam insulation is for you. Unlike other insulating materials that may shift around once they’re installed, rigid board form insulation holds its place and provides a valuable barrier to water and pests. This is one of the best options for areas such as an attic, basement, or crawlspace!

Thermax Insulation

Let’s face it, Florida is humid – but the humidity doesn’t have to make it inside. Thermax insulation is highly rated for its ability to reduce condensation, while also boasting an impressive Class A fire rating. This type of rigid board insulation performs as highly as it does because of its glass-fiber-infused core. 


Fiberglass Insulation

If you’re looking for an inexpensive solution for your insulation needs, then fiberglass might be the option for you. This insulating material is made up of very fine fibers of glass that are extremely sound-absorbent. Since it’s easy to install and almost easier to obtain, fiberglass has become one of the most popular choices for general insulation purposes!

Mineral-Fiber Insulation/Cellulose Insulation (Recommended)

When it comes to fighting fire and Florida’s ever-growing insect population, mineral-fiber insulation reigns supreme. Composed of 85% recycled paper and an assortment of minerals for their fire-retardant and insect-resistant properties, this form of insulating material is highly recommended by many insulation experts across the board. 


Urethane Foams

Like to save money? So do we! When it comes to the heating and cooling of your home or place of business, urethane foam insulation is nearly twice as energy efficient as batt insulation materials. Since this insulating material is sprayed, it allows for a higher level of material density which can significant cut your energy costs!