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The Nest – Future of Home Automation



What ever happened to the home automation that movies and television have been promising us since the 1950s? Where is George Jetson’s house? Finally, the first steps are being made in turning these fictions into reality. The Nest has arrived to transform the energy efficiency of our homes.

The temperature in our homes is imperative to comfort, but it’s also directly related to the cost of your energy bills. Nest tries to bridge this gap by automating the comfort level to match your lifestyle while using advanced technology to save up to 20% on your home energy usage.


The programmable thermostat of the past attempted to curb energy consumption. However, the programming process was often too complicated, time consuming, and clunky. Most homeowners completely ignore the fact that their thermostat is programmable for these very reasons. The Nest thermostat has tackled these problems and brought us a solution that adapts to your daily routines with smart technology.


In the traditional home, the energy expended based on thermostat settings accounts for nearly 50% of your home energy bills. Using an energy-efficient thermostat can save users hundreds of dollars per year. The Nest programs itself based on the schedule and routines that you form. It can even be controlled from any smartphone or tablet. By teaching the Nest about your environmental needs, you can end up saving as much as 20% off of your annual power bill.


Installing the Nest thermostat into your home is a simple process. The entire system can be put in place by a certified professional, or the installation process can be done independently by the homeowner. Nest works with low-voltage systems, and the installation process itself takes no longer than 30 minutes. Should you choose to work with the professionals, the Nest will be installed, and your old system will be removed and recycled. Connecting the thermostat to your Wi-Fi is important so that you can take advantage of all the remote capabilities.


Connecting your Nest to your Wi-Fi network will allow it to get the current exterior weather and send/receive important information to your Nest Account. You can access your Nest by logging into your Nest account from any computer or mobile device to change the temperature, adjust your schedule and settings. It can give you a complete history of your energy consumption, show you the temperature in individual rooms, and sense when the house is empty. Nest completely programs itself in about a week. As your life moves forward and changes, the Nest adapts right alongside you.


You can find the Nest on and BestBuy. When you combine a tightly insulated and sealed house with automated smart technology you can save a substantial amount of money on your energy bills.