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how to do regular furnace maintenance


How to Do Regular Furnace Maintenance: 4 Easy Steps



Could your furnace use a tune-up? If so, performing some basic furnace maintenance before it gets too cold out may save you time, money, and frigid indoor temperatures this winter. Whether your furnace is gas or oil we’ve got some tips to keep your system humming, your home more energy-efficient, and your bills low.

1. Get your home energy assessment as part of your furnace maintenance routine.

A no-cost Mass Save home energy assessment, available to you once every other year, is a great first step to finding your home’s energy problem areas. If you’ve been feeling drafty, you may think your furnace is the culprit when the source of the cold actually comes from an air leak. When getting a home energy assessment, the leak would be pointed out, and upon its repair, your home will become more energy-efficient and your furnace won’t have to overcompensate.

 Did you know? Using an ENERGY STAR-certified furnace in your home could cut your energy bills by $100’s annually.

2. Clean, clean, clean.

Did you know that dirt and dust are two of the biggest culprits for furnace problems? But a regular cleaning, especially before you get into the heart of winter, will remedy this. The filter system, the blower, and the motor are your three main targets. Be sure to turn off your furnace before you start cleaning and then go to town. A vacuum with a long nozzle will be a huge help for this process. For the parts a vacuum cannot clean, such as the blower, use a damp cloth to wipe away any built-up dust.

3. Clean and/or replace the filter system.

Your furnace’s filter prevents dirt and dust from entering the furnace, and we recommend checking it at least once a month during heating season. A simple cleaning might do the trick, but if it is clearly clogged, consider a replacement. Keeping your filter clean will ensure you’re breathing clean air.

4. Take a look at the belts.

When inspecting the belts on the blower and motor, check for cracks or fraying and make sure your belt is tight and secure. A cracked or loose belt are warning signs for problems in the near future. Replacing it before your furnace stops working will save you from cold nights.

Is your home ready for winter? During your Mass Save home energy assessment, Wattson Home Solutions will evaluate your home, including your heating system. You will be provided with steps you can take to make your home more energy-efficient. Wattson Home Solutions will also help you determine whether you qualify for a Mass Save HEAT Loan. This is a zero interest loan for up to $25,000 that can be used to upgrade your insulation, heating and cooling system, and windows. Keep in mind that winter is Wattson Home Solutions’ busiest season. Before it starts to get too cold, and before we’re all booked up, call us to schedule your no-cost home energy assessment.

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