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Improve Your Home’s Air Quality This Holiday Season


As the holiday season quickly approaches, many people start to worry about how they’re going to keep their homes warm and comfortable. Being comfortable during a holiday party is important but so is the quality of air in your home. Did you know your home can be carrying indoor air pollutants you can’t even see?

The best way to create a comfortable holiday setting is by improving the air quality in your home. One way you can do this is with a ductless mini-split system! These systems work by using an outdoor air unit and indoor handling systems. They allow for heating and cooling. The best part? They improve air quality because they don’t use forced hot or cold air like other types of traditional heating and cooling systems. We’ll discuss different ways you can improve the air quality in your home this holiday season, including using a ductless mini-split.

Why is Indoor Air Quality So Important?

indoor air quality energy massDid you know that indoor air quality is typically worse than outdoor air pollution? The fact of the matter is, your home can be a very unhealthy place to live when there are pollutants and other toxins in the air. In fact, indoor air pollution causes sick building syndrome. Symptoms include headache, fatigue, nausea, and respiratory problems! That’s why it’s important to keep indoor surfaces clean, but also improve inadequate ventilation.

Identify indoor air sources, install certain ventilation systems, or natural remedies you can continuously remove indoor air, improve the air exchange rate, and reduce indoor air quality problems.  If left untreated, you could be dealing with health and comfort problems or, in extreme cases, produce specific health problems.

How Can Indoor Air Pollution Affect You?

Indoor air pollution can cause an array of health issues, especially to your respiratory system. You may start feeling sick or have a difficult time breathing. Some indoor pollutants can cause asthma or allergies to flare up. The young, elderly, and those with chronic illnesses such as respiratory or cardiovascular disease are often more impacted by inadequate indoor environments. The reaction to indoor air pollutants depends on the individual person and if they have any allergies or preexisting conditions.

Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

The holidays are a happy time that should be spent celebrating in clean, comfortable air. Don’t let you and your family suffer this holiday season living in poor air quality conditions. Here are a few simple ways to kick the air pollution to the curb and ring in clean air.

Keep Your Home Clean

It’s a great idea to keep indoor surfaces clean and dust-free. This means vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, wiping down countertops, etc. You can also make sure you empty your vacuum or trash regularly to avoid indoor air pollution from building up over time. If you have animals, keeping the animal dander and hair cleaned up can significantly improve the quality of air in your home.

It’s also important to choose your cleaning supplies wisely. Chemical pollutants caused from household cleaning can increase indoor pollutant levels. Try choosing organic chemicals and natural cleaners. Ditch the air fresheners, air cleaners, and wax candles too. We love the scents, but they can also hurt your air quality.

Open the Windows and Get Enough Outdoor Air

open windows indoor air quality energy massIf you can crack a window here and there to get some fresh air, do it! That can be difficult to do in Massachusetts in the wintertime. But, it can significantly help bring in the fresh air and release indoor air pollutants. It’s amazing what opening the windows can do and too little outdoor air can make an impact on your winter blues.

Get Some Greenery

plants for indoor air quality energy massIt’s a great idea to get some indoor plants in your home. Certain plants are natural detoxifiers that can help remove toxins from your home’s air naturally. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, helping improve indoor air quality.

Change Your Filters

Make sure to change the filters in your indoor heating and air conditioning units. Some brands recommend changing out their filter every month, while others may only need a replacement once or twice per year.

Get an Air Purifier

If these other indoor air pollution remedies don’t work, you may want to consider an indoor air purifier.  Mechanical ventilation devices are great for removing pollutants from the indoor environment and improving indoor ventilation by bringing in fresh outside air.

Our Number One Suggestion to Reduce Poor Indoor Air Quality

ductless mini split mitsubishiInvest in a Mitsubishi Ductless Mini-Split. They are a great way to increase indoor air quality by conditioning the outdoor air coming indoors and improve indoor ventilation without having a bulky HVAC unit in your home. As an added bonus, you can control the temperature of every room individually.

We know that improving indoor air quality is important for all those who want clean, comfortable living spaces during their holiday parties. That’s why we suggest using ductless mini-split systems from Mitsubishi Electric. These units are a perfect solution for homes with poor indoor air quality because they don’t use forced hot or cold air like other types of traditional heating and cooling systems. They also come with many perks including customizable temperature settings with multiple air handling systems, energy savings modes, and no ongoing maintenance costs.

Who Can Help Me Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

When it comes to the air in your home, don’t just settle for any solution. Make the right choice and seek professional help to ensure your home is safe and comfortable this holiday season. The experts with Wattson Home Solutions are here to help you and your family breathe easy. With free home assessments, you can easily make an appointment with one of your trained staff members. From there, they can visit with you and provide expert solutions based on your unique needs.

After reading this post, we hope you have a better sense of what indoor air quality is and how to improve it. Call us today at (855) 627-7674 if you’re interested in installing an indoor unit that improves indoor ventilation while purifying the indoor environment with healthy outdoor air flows.