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Introducing “Wattson” Our Mascot


Introducing WattsonWe are proud to introduce “Wattson” to you. We recently held a social media contest, where we asked local residents to help us name our mascot. The contest was a huge success, with loads of creative and funny names, which we had some good laughs over such as; Bigbucks, Gruffy McZapnabber, Meatball, and Baby Spinach. We ultimately narrowed it down to three finalists; Wattson, Zap, and Greenie, leaving it up to the public to vote for their favorite.  The winning submission “Wattson” came from Jessica Wilke of Worcester, MA, who chose the name because “it will help kids remember the energy term watt”. She was the proud winner of a brand new 16GB Apple iPad.

Congratulations Jessica!  And thanks to everyone for their wonderful submissions!

Jessica Wilke Winner of the Name the Mascot Contest