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Trust Wattson to find your Energy Problems

Trust Wattson to find your Energy Problems

Get Immediate Savings with A No-Cost Mass Save Energy Audit!

As a homeowner in Worcester, Middlesex, or Norfolk counties, you are eligible for energy and money-saving benefits through the Mass Save Program. A no-cost energy audit can help you save up to 35% on your home energy bills.

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Residential Solar

Gain control of your rising home energy costs. Go Solar and save on your energy bills. Schedule your free solar assessment today.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Solving your home’s heating & cooling problems doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. A ductless-mini split installation is quick and easy.

Insulation and Air Sealing

Proper insulation and air sealing can help you stay warm during the winter and cool during the summer months. A no-cost energy assessment is the first step.

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Air Sealing

Air infiltration can account for 30 percent or more of a home's heating and cooling costs and contribute to problems with moisture, noise, dust, and the entry of pollutants, insects and rodents. Properly air sealing such cracks and openings in your home can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs.

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Heating and Cooling

Infrared thermography is a well-accepted method of imaging and evaluating the thermal efficiency of building insulation, doors, windows and other penetrations, along with the performance and condition of heating and cooling systems. Temperature deviations which may indicate larger problems are rendered visible, allowing improvements to be carried out with certainty.

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Nationwide, artificial lighting consumes about 10% of a household's electricity use. Use of new lighting technologies can reduce lighting energy use in homes by up to 70%. Upgrading just 15 of the inefficient incandescent light bulbs in your home could save you up to $50 per year.

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Solar Energy

Solar energy is clean, easy to make and costs less the energy you buy from your utility company. When your home is solar-powered, you can rest assured that you're being both economically and environmentally efficient. Wattson Home Solutions will ensure that you're getting the most energy, return on investment, and most joy and pride each time you see a beautifully sunny day!

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Mass Save Insulation Contractor in Worcestor

It is recommended by the Department of Energy that homes within the Northeast be insulated with at least an "R-value" of R49. What is R-value? R-Value is a measure of thermal or heat resistance per inch used in the building and construction industry.Most homes within the northeast have improper insulation types and thicknesses. What types of insulation are there? How does my insulation stack up?

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Doors and Windows

Energy efficient door & windows helps keep air where it belongs: outside air, outside and conditioned air, inside. Ineffective doors and windows may have gaps through which air is escaping or may have a minimal insulation value. This of course compromises comfort and energy efficiency.

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Following your home’s energy assessment, we’ll share with you our findings, discuss our recommendations and communicate what to expect on the installation day(s) of your home’s energy saving project.

In addition to ensuring savings on your home’s energy efficiency project, there are many rebate programs and tax incentives that are available to homeowners within Massachusetts. Wattson Home Solutions works closely with Utility Companies and the Department of Energy to ensure that homeowners are able to take full advantage of any available energy saving incentives.

An energy efficiency upgrade for your home is one of the few home projects that will actually pay you back over time. With the rebates and incentives that Wattson Home Solutions offers, there’s no better time than the present! Our approach is simple; we take a “whole home” approach. Each home has its own unique characteristics, especially here within the northeast. The appropriate type and amount of insulation, ventilation, air sealing and efficient lighting = less energy loss and can help make your home a more comfortable one all year round.

With years of residential energy efficiency expertise and local partnerships, Wattson Home Solutions will ensure you a successful home efficiency project that will save you energy and money for years to come!

If you’re a homeowner in Worcester County, contact us today to schedule a no-cost Mass Save Energy Audit.

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