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mass save home energy assessment


What’s Included in a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment?


mass save home energy assessmentDid you know that a Mass Save home energy assessment could be your first step towards an energy efficient home? Energy efficiency is more important now than ever before. Being conscious of your home energy use can reduce not only your ecological footprint but your utility costs as well. You’re probably wondering what exactly is included in your home energy assessment. Here is a breakdown of all of the goodies you have to look forward to when you schedule your audit!

Light it Up

It takes a lot of energy for traditional incandescent light bulbs to produce light. Not to mention, 90% of that energy is given off as heat. What a waste! Swapping out these little energy suckers for energy-efficient CFL’s can reduce your wasted energy by 75%. Plus, they last significantly longer than the traditional bulbs and come in a wide array of colors and light levels. Your home energy auditor will replace all of your out-of-date bulbs at no-cost to you.

You Have the Power

Fun fact! You can lose energy even if you turn off your home devices connected to your standard power strip. However, smart power strips automatically turn off electricity when the devices plugged into it are idle. This can save you a ton of money on wasted energy and can help protect your devices if a storm hits. How cool is that?

Go With the Flow

A Mass Save home energy assessment has a lot to offer in the way of water conservation. During your home energy assessment, faucet aerator fixtures will be installed on your sinks and add air to the water that comes out of them. This helps you use less water without feeling like you’ve lost pressure. Low-flow shower heads will also help you to conserve energy without putting a damper on your showering experience.

Get Smart… Thermostats

With fall coming and winter following close behind, now is the time that you should be thinking of the temperature of your home. How would you like to come home to a warm house without having to leave the heat on all day? Smart thermostats can make that dream your reality. Programmable, smart thermostats allow you to set the temperature to change at a certain time of day. Plus, these little geniuses can save up to $180 per year on heating and cooling. That’s a pretty decent chunk of change if you ask me.

Testing 1-2-3

Testing your heating equipment is important, not only to keep your family warm in the winter months but also to keep them safe! Carbon monoxide can be a significant danger to your health and safety. Your home energy auditor will test your equipment for ambient carbon monoxide in your home.

Seal the Deal

Even if you have proper insulation in your home, you may still notice a draft from time to time. Whether your house is newly constructed or on the older side, air leaks are a very common issue that homeowners can remedy to conserve energy. Your home energy assessor will help to identify those problem areas with a blower door test and make a plan with you to seal them up to prevent further energy loss.

Howdy Partner!

My friends at Wattson Home Solutions partner with all local energy providers to ensure you receive all the energy-saving rebates you qualify for. The best part is, rebates are INSTANT, and we handle all of the paperwork! If you live in a single family home or in a 1-4 unit building there is a good chance you qualify. Mass Save has so much to offer in the way of rebates and incentives, you may be surprised how much you get back!

Mass Save Home Energy Assessment – Reporting for Duty!

Every Mass Save home energy assessment includes a customized energy-saving report made just for you! The report may include suggestions for home insulation, pipe insulation, HVAC system upgrades and much much more! Your assessor will be happy to sit down with you and discuss their findings. We will outline your most direct path to future savings.

Schedule and Save

Although energy assessments are offered year round, we recommend booking your assessment in the spring or fall. If you schedule your energy assessment now, in off-peak heating or cooling season, you will have plenty of time to schedule upgrades or repairs before the busy season begins. So don’t wait! Beat the rush and set your self up for energy-saving success!

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