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purchase solar panels


5 Myths You Should Dispel Before You Purchase Solar Panels


purchase solar panels

As solar power becomes more popular, you may be thinking about solar panels for your own home. Solar is still fairly new, so many homeowners don’t quite know what to expect from the process. As with any new technology, you may have some fears about how it works, how it’s installed, and how much it’s going to cost you. Here are five myths about solar you need to stop believing before you purchase solar panels.

1. The Longer I Wait, the Cheaper Solar Will Get

Most new technologies follow a pattern: they’re very expensive at first, but as more companies start to make them and competition increases, they get cheaper and cheaper. If you’re considering solar, you might think that it’s better to wait for the best price possible. But solar isn’t like these other technologies.

Did you know that many states, including Massachusetts, offer solar tax credits? These are offered to help cover the cost of going solar and make it as affordable as possible. But these credits are disappearing! They were created because the government wanted to encourage people to purchase solar panels, but as more people go solar, the incentives are becoming less necessary. That makes now the best time to go solar – if you wait too long, the process will inevitably become more expensive.

2. Solar Panels Don’t Work In Bad Weather

Many people believe that solar won’t work in bad weather, such as snow or rain. This idea may make solar seem like it isn’t worth it. After all, no one is better known for unpredictable weather than New England. The good news is that while solar panels do not produce as much energy in bad weather, they do still work. In climates where snow is expected, the panels tend to be mounted at an angle so that the snow doesn’t pile up on top of them. Rain can even help clean the panels!

3. Solar Panels Will Damage My Roof

As a homeowner, you might have some reservations about having solar panels on your roof. After all, damages to your home are no joke, and you don’t want to get stuck with the repair costs. But did you know that solar panels can actually protect your roof? They are installed a few inches above the shingles to allow airflow, and will shield much of your roof from wind, rain, snow, and anything else that comes its way. And they only weigh as much as a single layer of shingles! Remember that the people who install solar panels have a great level of expertise in the process. If you’re thinking of solar for your home, you can ask questions during a solar consultation to get a better understanding of the process.

4. Solar Panels Are Too Expensive

Solar panels may seem like a big purchase, but it is important to realize that they are an investment. Solar can start saving you money right away – up to $200 on your monthly utility bill! Solar will also instantly raise the value of your home. And when it comes time to sell your house, buyers will pay up to $15,000 more for a home with solar panels installed. And don’t forget those tax credits and rebates. Now is the cheapest time to get solar panels, and the benefits are massive!

5. Renting is Cheaper Than To Purchase Solar Panels

Because solar panels are such a big investment, it may seem less intimidating to lease them rather than purchasing. Leasing does make the initial installation cheaper, and your monthly electric bills will still drop. It also means that you will not be responsible for the maintenance of the panels. While this can be a good option, homeowners who lease panels do not save as much money as someone who decides to purchase solar panels.

These are certainly not the only myths about solar, so do your research and make sure you understand the process before you make the investment. Going solar is one of the best things you can do for the environment. Solar power is clean and renewable, not to mention all the money it can save you on your electric bills. Wondering how much you could save with solar? Schedule your free solar savings estimate with Wattson Home Solutions today!