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The Top 10 Ways You Could Save Energy in Your Home


Are you ready to see your energy bills deflate and your home become greener without paying thousands of dollars on solar technology? Then consider following these Top 10 Ways You Could Save Energy list to make small changes to improve the energy-efficiency of your home.

To find out if your home’s energy leaks sign up for a free energy audit! A professional will come out to your home and will assess your energy efficiency by taking a look at your doors, windows, walls, and air and heating system to determine where you are losing money because of drafty areas, holes, cracks, and inefficient air systems

1. Paint your house (and roof) a light color. The lighter color will reflect radiant heat from your home thus saving on cooling costs.  Yes, you can paint your roof white (or a light color) and it will reflect more heat. There are a vast number of coating, seals, and paints available for a roof. You must know what material your roof is in order to find the specific types of sealers or paints. Some seals and coatings will actually increase the longevity of the roof as well. If painting your roof is out of the question consider installing a radiant barrier inside your attic which will reduce heat transfer from the roof as well.

2. Add reflective coatings to all of the windows in your home. Window films (aka window tints) can help reduce energy loss and lower cooling costs by up to 50%. In addition to providing energy savings, window films block annoying glare and reject UV light to reduce fading and protect interior furnishings.

3. Insulate your attics and walls. Without insulation in the walls and attic of your home heated or cooled air escapes and you are paying to heat and cool the wrong side of the walls and ceiling in your home. Not to mention the hot or cold air from the outside getting into your home.

4. Seal doors and windows for air leaks. An average home loses up to 30% of its energy through air leaks. Most significant ones tend to occur around windows and doors. Replacing old weather-stripping around windows and doors is an inexpensive and easy way to save energy.

5. Plant shade trees, bushes, and plants to create areas of shade around and over your home. By incorporating shading trees and plants into your landscape you can reduce solar heat gain, reducing your cooling costs. Some trees can reduce surrounding air temperatures as much as 9 degrees.

6. Add exterior shades awnings and shades or interior shades and drapes. Exterior shading of windows from the sun allows for moderation of seasonal temperatures by shading windows from searing heat preventing the light from heating your home. Thermal Draperies reduce heat GAINS in the summer by 33% while in the winter reducing heat LOSS by up to 10%.

7. Installing a programmable thermostat can save money and energy costs approximately $180 per year. By raising or lowering the temperature automatically at different times of day to save you money on heating and cooling your home when you’re away or sleeping. Thermostats come pre-programmed with recommended settings and easily adjustable to your family’s schedule and desired temperatures.

8. Install motion-sensor lights to save money. You won’t ever forget to turn the lights off when you leave a room. Motion-sensor lights do the work for you.

9. Replace your appliances with energy star rated appliances. These appliances can reduce home energy bills up to 29%, saving thousands of dollars each year on those bills. By purchasing Energy Star-labeled appliances you may be eligible for state or federal rebates from $10 – $1000 depending upon the appliance type.

10. Replace all of your current bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. These bulbs use about 75 % less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 6-10 times longer or more. This means you can buy CFL bulbs in lower wattages and get the same amount of light.

Want to see how your home’s energy efficiency stacks up? Get your free energy audit today! You will not regret the changes you made to your home when you see your lower bills! You also will feel good knowing that you are doing your part to preserve the earth while also staying cool and warm in your home.