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Wattson Home Solutions: Our Name Change Adventure


In the world of business, unexpected challenges can pop up, and for Wattson Home Solutions, our recent journey involved a bit of a name shuffle. Here’s the scoop: Picture a small, family-owned business from Worcester, MA facing off against a big, unnamed corporation (Hint: Think globally recognized but not Pepsi Cola).

Our story kicks off with a name we loved—a name that captured our mission to make homes smarter and more efficient. Little did we know, a giant corporation had its eyes on our name, and well, things got a bit complicated.

The battle unfolded in legal paperwork and negotiations, a bit like a complex maze. We fought the good fight, facing a giant in a corporate suit that seemed a size too big.

Despite our best efforts, the giant came out on top, and we had to part ways with our beloved name. It stung a bit, but like any good story, we’re back under a new name – Wattson Home Solutions – the same crew with a different label, ready to keep making your homes better.

To our amazing supporters, big thanks! Your encouragement has been our backbone throughout this adventure. While the giant may have won this round, you, our fantastic customers, keep us going.

So, here’s to the next chapter. Wattson Home Solutions is here to stay, and we invite you to join us on this ongoing journey. Thank you for sticking with us – we’re the same crew, just with a different name, and we’re excited to keep making your homes warmer, brighter, and smarter.