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Wattson Home Solutions Response to COVID-19


With the health and safety of our community as number one priority, we at Wattson Home Solutions are taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously. We have updated and implemented several new policies based on current guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

CDC Coronavirus and COVID-19 Guidelines

Our Offices in Worcester, Massachusetts:

  • Wattson Home Solutions has implemented new sanitation and social distancing procedures to reduce the spread of COVID19 within our offices between vendors and employees. Both our main office & warehouse here in Worcester are closed and access is limited to essential personnel only. All essential personnel entering these buildings are required to adhere to state and federal guidelines for social distancing.
  • All Wattson Home Solutions office staff are working remotely. Communication between our team has been switched to virtual only for the time being.
  • Our vendors are temporarily prohibited from entering our warehouse & we have implemented new sanitary procedures for the safe delivery of our essential equipment. All new equipment will be properly disinfected.
  • Our field staff and service technicians are not permitted to entering the warehouse. Our essential employees will deliver the sanitized equipment directly to their vehicles. All essential personnel entering the warehouse are required to adhere to state and federal guidelines for social distancing.

Safety Measures at Your Home

Based on the CDC best practices during the coronavirus pandemic, we have come up with the following safety measures for in-home visits:

  • All field staff and service technicians will have masks, gloves, disinfectant and sanitizers.

*please keep in mind these products will be available as we are able to secure them due to the increasingly high demand *

  • We will be minimizing contact among workers, clients, and customers by replacing initial face-to-face meetings with virtual communications and implementing telework if feasible.
  • All field staff and service technicians entering your home are required to adhere to state and federal guidelines for social distancing.

If Our Staff Are Sick 

All office and field staff have been instructed to stay home if exhibiting cold or flu-like symptoms, or if they’ve had contact with any family member, friend, or other individual that has displayed symptoms.

If You Are Sick 

We ask that you please inform us in advance of your appointment if you or anyone in your household are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms or have tested positive for the coronavirus. We will be double checking with you during our confirmation call/email. 

For the most current and updated recommendations and guidelines for COVID19:

The World Health Organization (WHO) World Health Organization Coronavirus Updates

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) CDC Coronavirus and COVID-19 Guidelines

We truly appreciate your support of our local business during these unprecedented times. We will continue to update you with our procedures in accordance with the CDC. Always remember: Wattson Home Solutions is here to help make your life at home more comfortable!

If you would like to learn more about your energy saving options, please call us at 508-796-5525. We have several new communication methods, including video & FaceTime conference calls – or you can simply contact us here!