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Is your home leaking energy


Where Does Your Home’s Energy Go And How To Get It Back!


Is your home leaking energy

Looking to save some money on heating and cooling bills this year? Getting started could not be easier – just check out the available energy rebates in MA and find out what you can qualify for. Free energy assessments, free insulation sealing, a 75% instant rebate on insulation, and a 7-year, interest-free HEAT loan are just a few of the programs that are currently available through the Mass Save program.

Energy Eaters

What systems in your home are likely to be energy-eaters? There’s one big answer: heat. Whether it’s heating the air or heating water, heating accounts for more than 60% of energy expenses. And where does that energy go to waste? Look up – no, it’s not Superman. It’s your attic, and it accounts for more than 40% of energy waste. (Check out this handy info-graphic to see exactly where and what your energy bill is going for.)

Out With The Old

Water heating is the other big-ticket item in your heating bill. If your Wattson Home Solutions audit shows you need a new unit, you’re in luck – getting a high efficiency Energy Star-rated hot water heater is extremely affordable with the rebates and incentive programs that are available. The exact programs you qualify for vary by the type of building, location, and age of your equipment.

The Leaky Bucket

So when is it time to look at replacing that leaky boiler or re-insulating that creaky attic? Your audit from Wattson Home Solutions can give you an exact idea – but in general, it’s time to replace and redo when your current furnace or boiler is 15 years old, when your bills start going up even though fuel costs are flat, when you find the equipment is in need of frequent repairs, and when parts of your home just aren’t getting warm. But before you replace, get that free energy audit – and have your equipment looked at by Wattson Home Solutions.

No-Cost Energy Assessment

Step one in getting your energy costs under control: having a No-Cost home energy assessment. Step two, we help you apply for the appropriate rebates and incentives. Step three, you enjoy a much-reduced energy bill! It’s not a difficult process, and it starts with that home energy assessment – don’t delay, start today.